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Re: Flashing ROM from Linux?

I think all that existed with DOS 6.22 was the "POWER.exe" APM driver, and I
think this only provided power reduction, not a standard API for power off
(I could be wrong). The ACPI standard (Advanced Configuration and Power
Interface - see Intel tools at:, is the "Standard"
interface used to power-down an Intel Arch PC.  I don't believe the hardware
interface for powering down the whole system (or for that matter, individual
sub-systems) is standardized, but relies on chipset-specific "power
management registers", and for that matter, the OEM integrating the
motherboard may use the chipset registers differently than any other OEM
using the same chipset.

I think that you could probably achieve the same end result by simply
performing a warm or cold restart, or by resetting the board, as long as
your BootP/DHCP server could run a script to reconfigure to boot any client
you have "finished" with a Linux Image. The attached
executables implement a range of methods to restart the PC:
WARMBOOT.COM: Restart, without full POST, memory test, etc.
COLDBOOT.COM: Restart, with full POST, memory test, etc.
RESET_92.COM: Reset the PC, using the (newer) PS/2 IO-Port 0x92 ("System
control port").

There is also a method to reset the PC by sending a command to the keyboard
controller that is theoretically more portable, but the port 0x92 method is
much cleaner, and should be supported on your ATX boards.  If you need the
info on the keyboard method, let me know and I'll fish it out.

Hope one of these will prove usefull.
R. Main.

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> Bob Edwards wrote:
> > > Yup.
> > > Try to install an DOS boot image on the server and boot DOS via
Etherboot ;).
> > > I think there is lots of doc how to do that...
> > Excellent idea, Klaus. After some messing around, I am now able to
> > all my machines with new code using a network boot of DOS 6.22. This has
> > saved me some hours of work with a screwdriver opening each machine and
> > installing the floppy drive.
> *evil grin*
> OK, I need one more step:
> Does anyone know of a DOS program to power off an ATX board?
> So step 10 will split to:
> 10a) Shut down Linux DC
> 10b) Send WOL package to Linux DC -> it boots to DOS. If autoexec.bat
>      is set up clever, then it will flash & modify nicely and then shut
> 10c) Set box up for linux and send WOL again.
> Viola: New flash without moving from Your desktop
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