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Re: Flashing ROM from Linux?

Bob Edwards wrote:
> > Yup.
> > Try to install an DOS boot image on the server and boot DOS via Etherboot ;).
> > I think there is lots of doc how to do that...
> Excellent idea, Klaus. After some messing around, I am now able to re-flash
> all my machines with new code using a network boot of DOS 6.22. This has
> saved me some hours of work with a screwdriver opening each machine and
> installing the floppy drive.
*evil grin*
OK, I need one more step:
Does anyone know of a DOS program to power off an ATX board? 
So step 10 will split to:
10a) Shut down Linux DC
10b) Send WOL package to Linux DC -> it boots to DOS. If autoexec.bat
     is set up clever, then it will flash & modify nicely and then shut down
10c) Set box up for linux and send WOL again.
Viola: New flash without moving from Your desktop

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