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Still strange errors when mounting the nfs on ALphas


It seems to be a hard way to get a Alpha do the diskless boot:

good) Downloading a kernel and mounting root from a local harddrive 
      works perfectly.
      Mounting the dedicaded remote directory works, too.

bad)  Copying the the harddrive to the (i386)server and booting with 
      root=/dev/nfs results in "nfs_error -51".

Q:)   What can cause this failure ?


It`s a rather old kernel (2.0.36), as I failed to set up a working
system with a later distribution, mainly because it`s a Jensen-Alpha.
( I have several PCs booting diskless, which I set up using the same
 methods as I tried on my Alpha. )

Hope this Alpha-stuff doesn`t annoy you ;-)


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