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Please help with 3c905c

Hello, I need your assistance with this configuration:

I have a pentium 60 with 16 MB of ram, a video card, a 3c905c and
nothing else (no disk, no floppy, otherwise I wouldn't be here asking)

I've tried to set up a suitable kernel with "bin00013.bin" 
(cat bin00013.bin bzImage >, but when the card has
finished downloading the kernel from the dhcp/tftp server, it just
locks up beeping and flooding the screen with garbage.

I've tried to set up a bpbatch script, but it seems that bpbatch is
geared towards a set of machine _with_ a HD, not totally diskless

What I'm asking you?

If you are able to boot a totally diskless machine with a 3c905c card
using either a modified kernel image or bpbatch, please pass me a full
step-by-step instruction. I could not understand the existing docs

I would rather not flash away the content of the 3c905c eeprom to
replace it with etherboot (which I know someone has successfully
done), because I'm not at all confident with all the necessary steps
and I fear I could irreparably damage the card.        

Thanks for your time.



 Pierfrancesco Caci | ik5pvx | -
  Firenze - Italia  | Office for the Complication of Otherwise Simple Affairs 
     Linux penny 2.4.0-test1 #1 Thu Jun 22 11:46:01 CEST 2000 i686 unknown
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