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Reboot after loading file - some mails and my RTL8139 Problem !

Hi Etherboot Hackers !

I debug at the moment the problem I have with my RTL8139A card.
So I did some tests. The problem is that the etherboot loads the
image (nbi images) successful ('...done') but reboots then.

I instrumented the code and found out, the problem is in
'xstart'. There I have difficulties in debugging, but I will
countinue analysing the problem.

Following situation:
	If I boot a Linux Image done with mknbi-linux from 
	netboot-0.9.0e package, it works.

	Loading the grub-image fails.

One difference is the address where the files are located in
memory. As I used netboot-0.9.0 before I changed to etherboot,
I saw in the source code, that in netboot it was able to lode
code below the 64K (at and above 0x8000). So I used this for
GRUB, as this package is loaded to 0x8000 normally by disk load
(stage 1 to 0x7c00, stage 2 to 0x8000).

Interesting is, that on all other cards:
	NE2000, NE2000 PCI, 3C509 I can boot grub without problems,
only on the RTL8139 I have the problem.

Can there be a stack problem ?  Which region is used for the stack ?
In the code (start32.S) I only saw, that the stack is taken from
the stack the BIOS use. Is this correct ?

Is there a problem using 0x8000 up to 0x10000 (physical address) ?
In the code I cannot find a problem for this !

I hope, anybody can help, I aslo continue hacking this problem.
For GRUB it is very important to have the possibility to load a
image to 0x8000 !!! 

With friendly regards

	Christoph Plattner

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