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Re: Wake on Lan the SERVER from Boot-Rom ?

Joachim Wolff wrote:
> Nice to hear, it is posible. I think so, too. ;-)
> But have you an idear, how to build a wol magic packet without an OS
> running?

Well - you do have an OS running - it is called Etherboot/Netboot but
doesn't provide the sort of environment that Linux provides. However, it
does provide enough of an environment to create a broadcast packet and
send it onto the ethernet (it must do this to get BOOTP working). That
is all you need to make the Magic Packet (other than the MAC address
of the machine you want to wake up).

Anyway, I think this is an interesting, but ultimately bad thing to
do. The network boot ROMs are intended to boot a machine with no other
information than their own MAC address (not stored in the boot ROM).
Adding hard configuration info like this goes against the whole idea of
client-server computing. Your server should be where all configuration
info is kept - not the client's boot ROM.

Good luck with it though - it shouldn't be too hard to nurgle in.


Bob Edwards.
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