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small bug in 4.5.7 that affects the CS89X0 driver

This will appear in the next release, but in case you are using the
Crystal Semi driver...

--- etherboot-4.5.7/src/nic.h	Mon Mar 13 22:38:01 2000
+++ etherboot-4.5.8/src/nic.h	Mon Apr 10 10:52:06 2000
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@
 				unsigned int t, unsigned int s, const char *p));
 	void		(*disable)P((struct nic *));
 	char		aui;
-	char		*node_addr;
+	unsigned char	*node_addr;
 	char		*packet;
 	unsigned int	packetlen;
 	void		*priv_data;	/* driver can hang private data here */
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