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Re: BIOS flashed etherboot will not start

> i managed to flash etherboot into an AWARD Bios on an ASUS P2B Mainbord,
> following the instructions in the README.
> However, the flashed code does not start. The system continues to boot
> from Floppy/HD, no message from etherboot.
> Even setting the boot option to "LAN/A/C" would not help.
> I also checked that the PCI/Vendor IDs are correct ( $10B7, $9055 ->
> 3c905b-tpo100.rom ).
> What would happen, if they don't match? Will etherboot start and report
> 'no card found'?
> I used cbrom 2.04, Bios is v4.51PG, 1011, etherboot 4.5.7.

Hi, did you tried the newest bios version from the asus server? I had
problems with older versions which did not work. Rapp Informatik told that
there is a compile time flag which should be set during bios compilation.
If its not present the modification with etherboot does not work.

With all newer boards (gigabyte, abit, aopen, pcchips) I did not have any
problems. If the PCI-Id does not match, nothing happens...

So long,

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