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Re: BIOS flashed etherboot will not start

Lars Prieske wrote:
On 11-Apr-00 Heinrich Rebehn wrote:
> Hi,
> i managed to flash etherboot into an AWARD Bios on an ASUS P2B Mainbord,
> following the instructions in the README.
> However, the flashed code does not start. The system continues to boot
> from Floppy/HD, no message from etherboot.
> Even setting the boot option to "LAN/A/C" would not help.
This  seems the normal  function of  some award biose. See earlier replies in the list.
> I also checked that the PCI/Vendor IDs are correct ( $10B7, $9055 ->
> 3c905b-tpo100.rom ).
> What would happen, if they don't match? Will etherboot start and report
> 'no card found'?
> I used cbrom 2.04, Bios is v4.51PG, 1011, etherboot 4.5.7.
There are some compilation switches on the  Award bios witch do not allow to
add  code.  It seems that all code marked by  (A)  if you use cbrom xxxx /d  is not
executed by the bios.
The bios version has to support oem bios. I have successfully patched a AWARD
Bios of an ASUS P2B-N ACPI, but I needed the bios revision 1011. Earlier
versions doesn't work.
Please run  cbrom  xxxxxxx /d   and have a look if you have a output  line  like
?.  OEM0 CODE  xxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxx   e100_m.rom
 Then you have a Bios with LAN support .   If  not search on the award home page for
a newer bios Version with Lan support.   It seens they have put it in a lot of newer
Then remove the bios code  with cbrom  xxxxx   /oem0   release
and add etherboot code with
 cbrom xxxxx /oem0  *.rom .  Now  enable LAN option in the bios setup
Don't forget tho have a *.rom  version of etherboot with floppy emergency boot enabled
for the first tests.

Bye Wolfgang

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