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BIOS flashed etherboot will not start


i managed to flash etherboot into an AWARD Bios on an ASUS P2B Mainbord,
following the instructions in the README.
However, the flashed code does not start. The system continues to boot
from Floppy/HD, no message from etherboot.
Even setting the boot option to "LAN/A/C" would not help.

I also checked that the PCI/Vendor IDs are correct ( $10B7, $9055 ->
3c905b-tpo100.rom ).
What would happen, if they don't match? Will etherboot start and report
'no card found'?

I used cbrom 2.04, Bios is v4.51PG, 1011, etherboot 4.5.7.

Any suggestions?

Heinrich Rebehn
                        "Have disk - will travel"
University of Bremen
Physics / Electrical and Electronics Engineering
- Department of Telecommunications -

Phone : +49/421/218-4664
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