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Re: 486 floppyboot & NI6510 followup2

ACS wrote:
> NI6510
> 4.4.5: Probing returns the proper IO address, but DMA probing isn't ok.
> It always returns DMA5 , irrespective of the NIC setting
> Card doesn't function. Err msg: Lance timeout on transmit
> Also no DHCP requests detected on sniffer.
> 4.5.6 Probing does NOT detect a card

As long as it detects the wrong DMA, don't expect to see anything on the
network.  The only change that might have broken 4.5.6 NI6510 probing
is the #if 1 in lance_probe1.  This is about the only real change I made
in the lance driver.  It is supposed to be correct if one reads the data
sheet, but Racal Interlan has a long story (fortunately now closed) of
wrecked designs around perfectly working chips.

Try to change it back to the original version and see if it finds the card
again.  Then someone with a NI6510 should find out why the DMA probing doesn't
work (hint, hint) - the Linux and/or Net/Free/OpenBSD drivers are usually a
good source of working (but usually quite lengthy) code.
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