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Re: NI6510: LANCE time out on transmit

From: Klaus Espenlaub <>
Subject: Re: NI6510: LANCE time out on transmit
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 12:50:24 +0200

> Oh - as a user of GRUB you might be also interested that Etherboot
> not supports
> rudimentary Multiboot loading, too.

  What do you mean by the word "rudimentary"?

> it works for me :).  Also Etherboot 4.5.6 supports NFS, so one less
> protocol to
> support on your server.

  As the maintainer of GRUB, I must say that the reason why GRUB
doesn't support NFS for now is just that nobody requests the
feature. Adding it into GRUB would be very easy, since Etherboot has
already the code as well as OSKit's netboot. Just steal it. :)

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