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Re: floppyload fails on 486 using etherboot-4.5.6

ACS wrote:
> I tested 3 ROM images on 486-66. after:
> "Loading ROM image...." system hangs
> (no caps lock light , no CTRL-ALT-DEL)

The number of dots indicates that it loaded the right amount of data (four
tracks, of which the last one is only read partially).

Does it crash with the cursor behind the dots or with the cursor in the next
line?  I'm a bit surprised that the changes affect different processor
families in a different way.  I know that bootsect doesn't work on a 8086/88
because it uses instructions like pusha/popa and shl cx,9, which need at least
a 186/88.  But a 486 should have no problem.  Currently my bet is that there
is some BIOS incompatibility - either the default stack location or somesuch.
But that is just a stab in the dark. I'll see what you report back on this mail.

> 486-33: same problem
> I only ran the makefile , nothing altered
> Actually , I did the same as on 4.4.5 , but never had this problem on that
> version.

That should be OK, if the ROM image size (not including the 512 byte floppy
loader) is at most 32K.

> When I take the diskette to a P133 it functions right away.
> (at least it starts probing for an adapter that isn't in it)
> I already tried  using the floppyload.bin of the 4.4.5 package

Did that work? Preparing the image file by hand is quite simple, just a "cat"
of the floppy loader and the ROM file. Noone said that these have to be from
the same release. If the 4.4.5 floppyload would work, but the 4.5.6 one not
this would give a hint.

> PS:
> Why is the floppyload.bin renamed to floppyload.bin.pre?
> This name should be changed in the read me as well.
> It contents changed as well

Well, there is no special reason at all behind this any more - the old name
used to be a problem while I rewrote the Makefile.  It was just annoying that
the precompiled file was deleted by "make clean" and possibly overwritten if
a recompilation of the shipped binaries was requested.  All that remains is
the "bug" in the docs and the (implied) meaning of "precompiled".

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