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Re: NI6510: LANCE time out on transmit wrote:
> > Using etherboot-4.4.5 image on flop probing goes OK.
> > Sniffer tells me DHCP requests never make it to the outside world
> > on screen error:  LANCE time out on transmit
> >
> > I/O=320
> > DMA=6
> > IRQs I tried 3,5,9 (all free)
> >
> > NI6510 fully functional when using DOS & MSclient
> There are known problems with Lance and DMA. Please try 4.5.6 to see if they
> have been fixed.

If the changes to version 4.5.6 alter _anything_ in the behaviour of the
NI6510 (which is an ISA card) driver I'd be really surprised.  I just fixed the
Lance/PCI driver where all the ISA DMA business is nonsense anyway.

To be a bit more helpful: did Etherboot detect the card I/O and DMA correctly?
Etherboot does not care about interrupts, it deems polling superior to anything :)
The driver prints the detected values somewhere near the "Probing..." line.
If the detected values are wrong the detection code needs to be fixed, otherwise
the card initialisation is most likely to be buggy.  Any volunteers?  I don't
own one of these cards, not even a PCI one - just a virtual card provided by
a VMware 2.0 evaluation which is about to expire.

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