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Re: floppyload fails on 486 using etherboot-4.5.6

> I tested 3 ROM images on 486-66. after:
> "Loading ROM image...." system hangs
> (no caps lock light , no CTRL-ALT-DEL)
> 486-33: same problem
> I only ran the makefile , nothing altered
> Actually , I did the same as on 4.4.5 , but never had this problem on that
> version.
> When I take the diskette to a P133 it functions right away.
> (at least it starts probing for an adapter that isn't in it)

In Config please comment out the line


I should make it commented out by default. It probably hangs the machine
if no serial port is present.

> Why is the floppyload.bin renamed to floppyload.bin.pre?
> This name should be changed in the read me as well.
> It contents changed as well

floppyload.bin.pre is the preassembled version. Since all the sources
are in src now and there are no symbolic links, it uses a different name.
You should use the README that comes with 4.5, admittedly not all correct

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