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floppyload fails on 486 using etherboot-4.5.6

I tested 3 ROM images on 486-66. after:
"Loading ROM image...." system hangs
(no caps lock light , no CTRL-ALT-DEL)

486-33: same problem

I only ran the makefile , nothing altered
Actually , I did the same as on 4.4.5 , but never had this problem on that

When I take the diskette to a P133 it functions right away.
(at least it starts probing for an adapter that isn't in it)

I already tried  using the floppyload.bin of the 4.4.5 package

Why is the floppyload.bin renamed to floppyload.bin.pre?
This name should be changed in the read me as well.
It contents changed as well


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