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Re: 3c905b-combo - no traffic

Lars Tšuber wrote:
> i think the CFG_3C90X_XCVR=3 set something in the netcard that
> CFG_3C90X_XCVR=255 uses

Seems like you are not using Etherboot 4.4.x, which sets the transceiver type
(the value in the EEPROM) to MII to work around some allegedly broken BootROM
interface.  Just comment out the line

a3c90x_internal_WriteEeprom(INF_3C90X.IOAddr, 0x13, 0x0160);

in src/3c90x.c, recompile Etherboot and reconfigure the card using the
configuration utility from the 3c905 driver disk to the defaults (autodetect
duplex, ...).

Alternatively you might try Etherboot 4.5.5, in which this line is disabled
by default (but may be enabled if need be).  The reconfiguration with the DOS
utility is still required to get the card working again...

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