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Re: 3c905b-combo - no traffic

On 17-Mar-00 Greg Beeley wrote:
> Lars Tšuber wrote:
>> I've got an 3c905b-combo card and put the needed data on a floppy to
>> boot
>> over network. the rom seems to be correctly loaded and the machine says
>> that
>> it seeks for a dhcp server.
>> <sleep>
>> <sleep>
>> <sleep>
>> ....
>>  but the is nothing on the net (tcpdump). when i
>> boot linux on the client the network is aviable and i can ping, telnet
>> ....
>> what's wrong?
> Hmmm... it's a shortcoming of the 3c90x driver -- with the combo card it
> picks one of the available transceivers without actually doing a link
> test as specified in the 3c905b spec manual (even the typical link beat
> test isn't sufficient -- a "real" driver should send a self-directed 
> packet over the transceiver and see if it comes back or not.  If it does,
> the link is up).  I guess I'm a lazy driver writer :)
> To work around it, set CFG_3C90X_XCVR to the appropriate value
as listed
> in src/3c90x.txt, when you build the ROM image.

I ran into the same problem today with some old 3c900-combo cards.

Where do I have to set CFG_3C90X_XCVR ? I tried to add -DCFG_3C90X_XCVR=0 in
the file Config but that didn't help.


> Greg.
Christoph Neerfeld <>
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