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Re: 3c905b-combo - no traffic

On 22-Mar-00 Klaus Espenlaub wrote:
> Lars Tšuber wrote:
>> i think the CFG_3C90X_XCVR=3 set something in the netcard that
>> CFG_3C90X_XCVR=255 uses
> Seems like you are not using Etherboot 4.4.x, which sets the transceiver type
> (the value in the EEPROM) to MII to work around some allegedly broken BootROM
> interface.  Just comment out the line
> a3c90x_internal_WriteEeprom(INF_3C90X.IOAddr, 0x13, 0x0160);
> in src/3c90x.c, recompile Etherboot and reconfigure the card using the
> configuration utility from the 3c905 driver disk to the defaults (autodetect
> duplex, ...).
> Alternatively you might try Etherboot 4.5.5, in which this line is disabled
> by default (but may be enabled if need be).  The reconfiguration with the DOS
> utility is still required to get the card working again...

I tried both with my 3C900-combo cards, nothing helps.

Does anyone know what else could go wrong? It works just find with 3c905,
3c905b and 3c905c.

> Klaus

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