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Nice Option -> .COM files / Win-NT problems

	thanks for reimplementing the build of .COM files! I'm in the
unfortunate :-) position to have 16 Win-NT machines which I wish to dual
boot with an EPROM. But if I insert the EPROM into its socket of the 3C905
classic network adaptor all netboot works fine. The localboot option with
linux isn't a problem but with win-nt I get errors loading the graphic
adaptor drivers and finally have Blue Screen of Death. The "OS" prints 
somethings that it is unable to locate the file or that the file is
broken. Only the VGA boot option of NT works fine. If I remove the EPROM
all NT stuff works fine again...
I tried the /LOCKPCI option within boot.ini of NT loader but no effect. I
use the DOS boot feature with NT now and replaced the with the
appropriate com file for the network adaptor. Its a fine solution, but if
you want to avoid to boot from the disk completely ...


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