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Re: Bad eth_pio_write in ns8390.c

Sorry, I didn't receive your earlier reply.

And yes, I should have checked the function prototype. I must
have got overexited by success after days of fiddling with Config
& rebooting...


>As I replied to you the first time, I do not believe this is an error. For
>one thing, if you make the change, the call doesn't match the function
>prototype, neither does it match a similar call a few lines further down
>where it attempts to detect internal memory at 16k. More likely there is
>something about your card that needs special handling.  Seeing that the
>NE2000 driver works fine on most NE2000 cards, I would need an explanation
>of what your proposed change really means in technical terms before I
>risk breaking the driver for other NE2000 clones. My guess is that your
>clone doesn't have 8kB internal memory or that test fails to detect it
>and your clone needs special handling in the driver.

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