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Bad eth_pio_write in ns8390.c

At line 880 in ns8390.c, I think the call 
	eth_pio_write(test, 8192, sizeof(test));
should be
	eth_pio_write(8192, test, sizeof(test));

Otherwise my RTL-8029 hangs while being probed.

Line 892 seems to have same error but doesn't seem to be reached
with my card.

I sent this information via the ww link to report successes & failures
but the new version 4.4.5 still contains the errors.


Chris Willing                      Telephone   (61-2) 9351 3005
VisLab, A28                        Facsimile   (61-2) 9351 1880
University of Sydney  
NSW 2006 Australia      

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