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shutdown diskless RH6.1

the fix for proper shutdown of a diskless, root NFS
mounted linux box given below by ken yap works fine
under redhat5.  

unfortunately, the fix doesn't seem to work for

has anyone else encountered/fixed the below problem
for redhat6.1?

help would be appreciated.


pablo mitchell
uc berkeley 
combustion lab

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> Subject: Re: proper shutdown 
> From: Ken Yap <Ken.Yap@cmis.CSIRO.AU> 
> Date: Sat, 03 Jan 1998 01:39:28 +1100 
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>>Dear Netbooters,
>>I have some problems regarding proper shutdown 
>>of a netbooted system, with root NFS mounted.
>>The standard distributions seem to kill the
>>mount/nfs deamons to soon.
>>Could anyone please present a sound shutdown 
>>script, not umounting NFS (and killing? should 
>>it be killed?) until right before shutdown?
>>Telinit scripts call "killall" (TERM and then 
>>KILL) on all remaining processes running, giving
>>little special treatment to NFS/mount.
>>This makes it somewhat hard to write a proper
>>shutdown script, or at least it has confused me 
>>into thinking so.
> For RH5 at least, the solution is to rename 
> rc6.d/K97network to k97network.  The root NFS 
> mount is within the kernel and is not affected 
> by killall but is affected by turning off the
> network and thus not being able to write any 
> more to log files, etc.

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