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Re: FreeBSD build


At 09:12 14/03/00 -0600, you wrote:
>Robert Williams wrote:
>> I applied the patch an ran make this was the output
>> # make
>> ===>  Extracting for etherboot-4.4
>> >> Checksum OK for etherboot-4.4.4.tar.gz.
>> >> Checksum OK for binutils-
>> ===>   etherboot-4.4 depends on executable: nasm - found
>> ===>   etherboot-4.4 depends on executable: gmake - found
>> ===>  Patching for etherboot-4.4
>> ===>  Applying FreeBSD patches for etherboot-4.4
>> File to patch:
>> Sorry for my ignorance but which file do I want patched.
>You should only have to run 'make install' if this is a typical FreeBSD
>port. The Makefile takes care of patching and building.

Sorry Dan but if you had read the original post 'FreeBSD build' you would
have seen I was after help installing etherboot-4.4.4.

I had already installed 'etherboot-4.1pre9' from the ports collection
supplied with FreeBSD-3.3 with success. :-)
although trying to find a copy of 'bzip2-0.95c' was fun, eventually I had
to settle for 'bzip2-0.95d' fiddle the Makefile and build with - make
NO_CHECKSUM=yes .(this is put in as a hint for those that follow).

It was my fault for replying to the list without keeping the original
contents also my reply was actually aimed at (badly I admit) Doug Ambrisko
who was kind enough to send me a patch 'etherboot.tgz' it fixed my original
problem :-

| >> "Makefile", line 158: Missing dependency operator
| >> "Makefile", line 160: Need an operator
| >> "Makefile", line 163: Need an operator

but as can be seen above stopped and asked for a a file to patch 

>> File to patch:

So Doug (pal, buddy, sir) if your listening/reading what do I need to do to
fix this :-)

Catchya Layta


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