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Re: 3c905c damaged / etherboot-4.4.x

Olivier PAGE wrote:
> Hello,
> I've few boxes with 3C905c cards.
> I'm using those cards everyday with PXE/bpbatch to automatically install
> software ...

> So, I took another 3C905C NIC, put it in the same box:
> -bootrom PXE ok
> -tried etherboot
> ---> bootrom PXE dead with the same msg
> I've downloaded mbaflash from 3com, upgraded the bootrom ... same error
> ...
> I still have 2 NIC so I can kill one more if you need more informations
> ...

You might have trouble with the media selection hack in the Etherboot 3c90x
driver.  Try PXE again after you set the config back to the default (autosense,
ROM on) using the DOS config utility.  Just make sure that you don't run
etherboot before you try PXE.

We had a problem with the NT 4.0 driver with the hack in place (using 3c905B
though).  If the above solves your problem, just comment out the line

a3c90x_internal_WriteEeprom(INF_3C90X.IOAddr, 0x13, 0x0160);

in src/3c90x.c and see if this changes things.
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