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Re: 3c905c damaged / etherboot-4.4.x

Ken Yap wrote:
> >So, I took another 3C905C NIC, put it in the same box:
> >-bootrom PXE ok
> >-tried etherboot
> >---> bootrom PXE dead with the same msg

The 3c905b part of the driver would set the media type internally to
MII mode.  That was a workaround for a problem on the 3c905b that does
not exist on the 3c905c.  I haven't looked at the patched 3c90x driver
but it may be that it is trying to set MII mode for both 3c905b and 
3c905c cards.

To fix, try running 3c90xcfg and setting the media type back to 
auto-negotiation 10/100.

Let me know what you find.


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