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3c905c damaged / etherboot-4.4.x


I've few boxes with 3C905c cards.
I'm using those cards everyday with PXE/bpbatch to automatically install
software ... 

I tried to play with etherboot 4.4.3 and made a floopy with 3c905c
DHCP, TFTP, NFS ... no problems ...

Then , I tried to use the PXE boot rom and bpbatch as always ...
All I have now is "PXE E61: check media cable"
(if i boot locally, I don't have any problem with cable)

So, I took another 3C905C NIC, put it in the same box:
-bootrom PXE ok
-tried etherboot
---> bootrom PXE dead with the same msg

I've downloaded mbaflash from 3com, upgraded the bootrom ... same error
I still have 2 NIC so I can kill one more if you need more informations

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