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Re: com rides again

>It seems that if the size of .com file is larger than 32K,
>which happens if the size of .rom file is just 32K, 
>pxelinux.bin ( included in syslinux ) cannot execute it.
>Results for
>-DMOTD -DIMAGE_MENU -DELF_IMAGE / size of .rom / pxelinux.bin / FreeDOS
> yes    yes          yes          32K            Not work       Work
> yes    yes          no           16K            Work           Work
> no     no           yes          16K            Work           Work
> no     no           no           16K            Work           Work
>In `Not work' case, it shows 
>ROM segment 0x8000 length 0x8000
>and no more message is shown.

Try increasing COMSIZE in to say 48k and let me know what
happens. But maybe there is something at 0x84000 that is important to
pxelinux.bin. Also you can prepend comload.bin to .lzrom images also.
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