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Etherboot 4.4.4 released

Well, it's been a while and if I don't release now, contributors will
start worrying if I was run over by a bus and their submissions were
lost. Besides I want to get a word in about the LinuxExpo happening in
Sydney now :-)

Sorry, I don't have any URLs with pictures yet.

Ok, back to the release. I have put Etherboot 4.4.4 at Changes in this version:

+ Klaus Espenlaub sent in some patches to overcome the 64K block rollover
problem in tftp.

+ Bob Edwards, Paul Mackerras and Marty Connor worked out fixes to
ntulip.c to handle 21142/3 Tulips properly.

+ Karsten Tinnefeld sent in a Makefile fragment for doc/sgml/Makefile
to generate DVI and PS files using sgml2latex.

+ tulip.* renamed to otulip.*, ntulip.* renamed to tulip.*

+ Added FAQ and Writing an Etherboot Driver sections to README.

+ Woops, if and of swapped in dd command in atnetboot.sgml.


c3c35f50ca253b0127e8b7dfccb0afc9  etherboot-4.4.4.tar.bz2
add06ebddbe2f065212a963d32e8daf8  etherboot-4.4.4.tar.gz
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