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Re: Etherboot 4.4.4 released

Sorry, I managed to miss a patch supplied by FUKUHARA Makoto. However
it only affects FreeBSD ELF booting with large tftp blocks so I'll just
post the patch here and the change will officially be in 4.4.5.

--- ../../etherboot-4.4.4/src/osloader.c	Thu Feb  3 21:34:58 2000
+++ osloader.c	Wed Mar  8 23:36:01 2000
@@ -360,7 +360,7 @@
 		printf("Segment %d, offset %X, read %X, loadpoint %X\n",			       segment, offset, read, loadpoint);
 			printf("Write trailing bit\n");
-			memcpy(loadpoint, data+offset, 512-offset);
+			memcpy(loadpoint, data+offset, len-offset);
@@ -413,8 +413,8 @@
 		printf("Skip space %d ",(int)phdr[segment].p_offset-read);
 		return (1);
-		memcpy(loadpoint, data+offset, 512-offset);
-		loadpoint+=512-offset;
+		memcpy(loadpoint, data+offset, len-offset);
+		loadpoint+=len-offset;
 		return (1);
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