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Re: Inexpensive network cards

>> I routinely pick up 10BASE-T NE2000 ISA cards for 1 or 2$ US.  I imagine
>> even new ISA cards are very affordable. 
>Where could I get bootable 10BASE-T NE2000 ISA cards for under $5?

Go to a swap meet or clearance sale and pick up some used NE2000
clones. Make sure they are either jumpered cards (and the jumpers
are labelled) or they are a well known brand for which you can get
info or a config program from the mfr's web site, e.g. Accton, Compex,
Winbond. You may have to put up with a percentage of duds, so set up a
test station. Best are those sales where companies get rid of superceded

>Where can I get bootable PCI cards for $15

In Australia you can get the Skymaster 10/100, which uses the Macronix
98715A, a Tulip chip, for $25. That's $15 US. Add an EPROM and you're set.
Pull BIOS EPROMs out of junked AT/386 motherboards, buy an eraser and
programmer or befrend a lab engineer, and you're set.
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