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Re: Linux and 3Com905B-TX-M

On Mon, 3 Jan 2000, Marty Connor wrote:

> I just ordered one of these 3Com 905C-TX-M cards.  I can't make any 
> promises, but I plan to see if I can make it work with etherboot.  The 
> other project I am looking at is to test the contrib/masq stuff to 
> attempt to load etherboot via lilo (from hard disk) just like a kernel 
> image.
> If anyone else is working on (or has advice on) either of these project, 
> please let me know.

Well, I stated earlier that the 3c905c doesn't appear to be supported by
Etherboot, as I tried this last week. After dropping in a 3c905, it worked
like a charm. FreeBSD has a driver and works with the C revision, so I'm
sure it wouldn't be too hard. I'm not sure about the -T??? stuff, I
thought that stuff was IO options and such. (ROM socket, etc)


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