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Re: 4.2.13 and RTL8139 not work (TFTP-Error -> "unable to get file")

On 1/3/2000 2:30 PM Dirk von Suchodoletz wrote:
>I used the patch for the rtl8139 with success: dhcp and tftp were
>working fine with ps2 mouse connected. Then I tried the 4.2.13 code:
>No hang with the mouse connected, but fast succession of errorcode:
>TFTP-Error - Unable to load file (same server used in both experiments).

I submitted the experimental rtl8319.c patch after 4.2.13 was released.  
It's good to hear that it works for you.  The version of rtl8139.c that 
is in 4.2.13 is identical to the one in 4.2.12, so you can apply the same 
patch to both versions.  Ken said he'd put the patch in the next version 
if it seemed to work for people.



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