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Re: Linux and 3Com905B-TX-M

On 1/3/2000 2:14 AM Martin Klingler wrote:
>I am just installing a Linux-cluster with 8 diskless knots. I have started 
>with a 3Com905B-TX which works just fine together with Etherboot. But now 
>this card is not longer available and Etherboot can not deal with the 
>905B-TX-M which seem to be a 905C. This type has a fixed Bootrom on the card.
>My momentary solution is to boot the kernel from a floppy with the help of 
>loadlin. This is Ok so far but not very smart.

I just ordered one of these 3Com 905C-TX-M cards.  I can't make any 
promises, but I plan to see if I can make it work with etherboot.  The 
other project I am looking at is to test the contrib/masq stuff to 
attempt to load etherboot via lilo (from hard disk) just like a kernel 

If anyone else is working on (or has advice on) either of these project, 
please let me know.


   Name: Martin D. Connor
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