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Re: Linux and 3Com905C

From my HW dealer on my order for 905B I received 905C in stead.
The latest Linux kernels did happily recognized the NIC and went all well.
The earlier ones I had to add the NIC ID in the driver.

The NIC comes up and gives a few seconds to the NIC BIOS in order
to reconfigure the NIC. From the factory it comes with the console messages
about the configuration (one can configure the NIC to be silent).
One gets the opportunity (by typing N) to do a network boot.
The NIC configartion can be adjusted to different type of network booting
(PXE is the standard one if I remember it right).
So far some experiences for those who get interested in this NIC.

Maybe one should wait for NILO and the PXE booting stuff?


Marty Connor wrote:

> On 1/3/2000 2:14 AM Martin Klingler wrote:
> >I am just installing a Linux-cluster with 8 diskless knots. I have started
> >with a 3Com905B-TX which works just fine together with Etherboot. But now
> >this card is not longer available and Etherboot can not deal with the
> >905B-TX-M which seem to be a 905C. This type has a fixed Bootrom on the card.
> >My momentary solution is to boot the kernel from a floppy with the help of
> >loadlin. This is Ok so far but not very smart.
> I just ordered one of these 3Com 905C-TX-M cards.  I can't make any
> promises, but I plan to see if I can make it work with etherboot.  The
> other project I am looking at is to test the contrib/masq stuff to
> attempt to load etherboot via lilo (from hard disk) just like a kernel
> image.
> If anyone else is working on (or has advice on) either of these project,
> please let me know.
> Marty


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