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Re: Linux and 3Com905B-TX-M

>What you will need to do is program the flash ROM onboard the card.  To do
>this, use a little utility that John Finlay wrote early to mid 1999 called
>"romutil".  It runs under Linux, so you will need to either boot from 
>etherboot floppy or from a vanilla installation-type floppy diskette.  Use
>the .rom file output by etherboot/src-32.
>Ken, perhaps you can include this utility in the standard distribution and
>add a note to the main readme about it.  This utility has only been shown to
>work correctly with Linux, but I've never tried it myself; nevertheless I do
>know several people for whom this has worked quite well.  I'll send the
>utility as a separate email to you, Martin, and to you, Ken.
>John, if you're still on this list, perhaps you have an updated version?

It turns out that this utility is already in the distribution, under
contrib/3c90xutil. Another kind reader on this list had submitted it
already. John, if you are still on the list and you want your credit
to contain your email address or want to send in any newer versions,
please contact me. Thanks for writing the utility.
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