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Re: Making a floppy fails?

Marty Connor writes:
| On 12/30/1999 8:33 AM David Gilbert wrote:
| >>> Anyways... I have catted together floppyboot.bin and eepro.rom into
| >>> a single image.  I have then tried both cat and dd to put them on a
| >>> floppy.  When this floppy is booted, it continuously cycles some
| >>> hex (looks like address) data.
| Hmmm, the problem is most likely with the data, the floppy, or the tool 
| that writes the data.
| Do you have access to a Linux machine? (you don't have tell anyone ;-)
| How about writing a floppy of your data on the Linux machine to make sure 
| that, given the same data, Linux creates a bootable floppy.  Then we can 
| probably say that the way that "cat" works on Linux differs from what 
| happens on FreeBSD.
| If you email me the files I will be happy to create a floppy with them 
| and test it on my Linux test system.  
| I plan to build a FreeBSD system soon so that I can test this directly. I 
| would also like to write a chapter on "Using Etherboot with FreeBSD" for 
| my book. I'd be grateful to hear about your experiences.

Please look at the "FreeBSD port" at

Since I'm the maintainer of this port for FreeBSD and added FreeBSD support 
back into it you can send me questions.  With thanks to Ken it has been 
merged back into Etherboot the only catch being that is requires a newer 
gas then what FreeBSD has.  This is all handled by the FreeBSD port.

FYI the FreeBSD ports info is at basically
they are stub makefiles that download the sources and then builds it
and any depended on utilities.

Doug A.
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