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Re: Making a floppy fails?

Ken Yap writes:
| >The makefile seems to imply that 'cat floppyboot.bin eepro.rom >fd0'
| >is the recipe to create a boot floppy with my desired boot.  I realize 
| >that the eepro's that I have are capable of booting, but I've given up 
| >on that for the momment --- things that appear to support this don't
| >support a FreeBSD kernel.
| Sorry, I have only a Linux environment. You could send me the appropriate
| command for FreeBSD and I will include it in the next release..

I suggest you grab my port in the the FreeBSD ports collection
BTW you should try the latest version that just got commited.  You can
get it from the FreeBSD ftp server.  

Then cd into the work/etherboot*/src-32 directory and do a gmake eepro100.fd0
and you should have a bootable floppy.  This is how I make them.  My port
with turn on the options for booting FreeBSD a.out & ELF kernels.  Also
it build a version of gas that supports the data32 stuff.
| >Anyways... I have catted together floppyboot.bin and eepro.rom into a
| >single image.  I have then tried both cat and dd to put them on a
| >floppy.  When this floppy is booted, it continuously cycles some hex
| >(looks like address) data.
| >
| >Any clues on offer?
| Bad floppy?

That's my guess ... I've run into before with some floppies.

Doug A.
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