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Re: Making a floppy fails?

On 12/30/1999 8:33 AM David Gilbert wrote:
>>> Anyways... I have catted together floppyboot.bin and eepro.rom into
>>> a single image.  I have then tried both cat and dd to put them on a
>>> floppy.  When this floppy is booted, it continuously cycles some
>>> hex (looks like address) data.

Hmmm, the problem is most likely with the data, the floppy, or the tool 
that writes the data.

Do you have access to a Linux machine? (you don't have tell anyone ;-)
How about writing a floppy of your data on the Linux machine to make sure 
that, given the same data, Linux creates a bootable floppy.  Then we can 
probably say that the way that "cat" works on Linux differs from what 
happens on FreeBSD.

If you email me the files I will be happy to create a floppy with them 
and test it on my Linux test system.  

I plan to build a FreeBSD system soon so that I can test this directly. I 
would also like to write a chapter on "Using Etherboot with FreeBSD" for 
my book. I'd be grateful to hear about your experiences.



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