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etherboot woes continue.

So I've continued to work with another ethernet card... still trying
to figure things out.

I get (repeatedly):

Loading /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1...

on the netbooted machines console

and tcpdump on the server is showing (repeatedly):

16:55:32.683054 out1.2191 > udp 4
16:55:32.683335 > out1.2191: udp 4
16:55:32.691489 > out1.tftp: 46 RRQ "/usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1" [|tftp]
16:55:32.707699 out1.2193 > udp 4
16:55:32.707992 > out1.2193: udp 4
16:55:32.708583 > out1.tftp: 46 RRQ "/usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1" [|tftp]

... which is giving me tftp log files of:

Dec 30 16:55:32 raid1 tftpd[10451]: read request for /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1: success
Dec 30 16:55:32 raid1 tftpd[10453]: read request for /usr/tftpboot/kernel.s.1: success

... which likely means that the netbooting computer is rejecting and
retrying the transfer.  Any ideas?


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