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Re: More ammunition ... was Re: Making a floppy fails?

On 12/30/1999 10:29 AM David Gilbert wrote:
>OK.  More ammunition:  If I cat together the 3c90x code with the
>floppyload.bin, I get this:
>Loading ROM image........
>ROM segment 0x1000 length 0x4000
>Etherboot/32 version 4.2.11 (GPL) for [3C90X]
>Probing...[3C90X]No adapter found<sleep>

eepro100.rom floppyloads here, and as I understand it, floppyload.bin is 
normally not recompiled on any system, but used as-is.

>Which indicates that the floppyload image itself is working and that
>the eepro.rom file doesn't like working with it. Dave.

Sounds plausible.  Could you send your config options or better yet, your 
eepro100.rom file so we can determine if it is something about your 
I can send you my eepro100.rom file as well so you can test it.  Have you 
tried your floppy on any other machines?  This could also be a BIOS issue.


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