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Re: Making a floppy fails?

>>>>> "Doug" == Doug Ambrisko <> writes:

Doug> I suggest you grab my port in the the FreeBSD ports collection
Doug> usr/ports/net/etherboot BTW you should try the latest version
Doug> that just got commited.  You can get it from the FreeBSD ftp
Doug> server.

I am using the port (put the dir up at

Doug> Then cd into the work/etherboot*/src-32 directory and do a gmake
Doug> eepro100.fd0 and you should have a bootable floppy.  This is how
Doug> I make them.  My port with turn on the options for booting
Doug> FreeBSD a.out & ELF kernels.  Also it build a version of gas
Doug> that supports the data32 stuff.
It is the latest version, but I can't write the floppy on that
machine... so I copy it to the machine that has a floppy (very few of
our machines actually have floppies ... it's just not a
priority)... and cut it there.  I've used a number of floppies, using
new floppy drives, actually... and I've used those floppies to boot
whole BSD boot disks.


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