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Re: via-rhine

On 12/22/1999 12:25 PM jyllyj wrote:
>i use Etherboot 4.2.10 and DFE-530TX (dl10030 chip) don't works for me
>... why?

DFE-530TX+ uses an RTL8139A chip.  The DFE-530TX board (no "+") uses a 
different chip (via-rhine??).  I am not sure what driver might work. 
There may not yet be an Etherboot driver available.  If Linux supports it 
and/or you know where to get the data sheet for the chip, maybe we can 
make a driver to support it.

Does anyone know what the DL10030 chip really is?  I saw a stack of 
DFE530TX boards sitting in a computer store the other day. I might pick 
one up and hack it.



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