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Re: via-rhine

On Thu, 23 Dec 1999, jyllyj wrote:
> via-rhine.o works fine on redhat 6.0 
> in /usr/src/;inux/drivers/net/
> > One way to find out might be to see which Linux driver works with
> > this board.

If have one of the 530tx too.  Here is the output from scanpci and dmesg:

pci bus 0x0 cardnum 0x14 function 0x0000: vendor 0x1106 device 0x3043
 VIA  Device unknown
eth0: VIA VT3043 Rhine at 0xec00, 00:80:c8:e7:3f:86, IRQ 9.
eth0: MII PHY found at address 8, status 0x7829 advertising 05e1 Link 0000.


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