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Re: RTL8139 and PS2-Mice (little advance with 4.2.10)

>With the new version (4.2.10) the computer didn't crash, bootp worked
>fine, but tftp didn't work. If I remove the mouse, the whole process runs
>seamless, but with ps2 mouse connected it couldn't load the kernel via
>tftp (<sleep> ...)

The difference between .9 and .10 is that .10 has s a slightly smaller
footprint.  Are you sure "size rtl8139.tmp" gives < 32kB? You may have
to take out all extra options to cut it down. Also a bit has to be
subtracted from 32kB because the BIOS uses a bit of memory at the top
of 640k. What about other NICs, does this happen with those?
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