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Re: Hardware Database?

Hello all,

I've started a little web site at which I could 
use some help with.

I want to document sharable, open source, thin client related hardware 
and software. That would include Etherboot, Netboot, VNC, and various 
other technologies that help build network-based workstations and servers.

As a first task, I'm hoping to make a database of sorts for supported 
Network Interface Cards (NICs). Right now, I have a sample page up for 
the 3COM 3C509B (thanks to Pascal Schmidt for specs.), and would like for 
people to take a look at it, and give suggestions and/or corrections.

All ideas are welcome.  I'm especially interested in what fields you 
think we should add, or if there is information that would be nice to 
have for each card.  Once we have the fields figured out, perhaps we can 
attempt to automate the process with an html form or something...

Feel free to reply to the list if you like.  Your ideas may give someone 
else ideas.

Thanks in advance for your help.  Hopefully this will become a generally 
useful site as we add more information.

/-- Marty --/

   Name: Martin D. Connor
US Mail: Entity Cyber, Inc.; P.O. Box 391827; Cambridge, MA 02139; USA
  Voice: (617) 491-6935, Fax: (617) 491-7046 

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