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Re: flashing award bios on MES-N

Jim McQuillan wrote:

> Hello,
> I have been watching this list for a couple of weeks, and I
> have seen some mention of the Asus MES-N motherboard and flashing
> it with Etherboot code.

    Booting  the On board  82558 with Etherboot  or Netboot from Floppy is no
    If you have a kernel with eepro100 driver in booting  up linux works.

> My award bios is version 6.0
> Where can I get the cbrom utility, and which version do I need?
> I have searched the Asus/Phoenix website and have not found
> the utility.

Best cbrom.exe   version 2   because this should work on 4.51 and 6.0  Bioses.

The MES-N have   59k free space  on EEPROM so this is not a problem.

I have to use Asus aflash because awdflash bo not work wirh the MES-N (5V
but I hope this is not the reason why it not works.

> Is there anything special I need to do when preparing the
> Intel etherboot code?

This seem to be the truth. On the new cbrom all options like /pci  /other work
but  the  piglet
always wants a boot floppy and do not recognize the ROM Code.

I dont't have success at the moment  with Etherboot nor  with Netboot.  Can't
find  the ROM code after
boot with DOS debug.

> Once I get this working, what is the best way to build lots
> of these?  Do I have to plug a floppy drive into each board
> and program them individually?

Yes   you need to flash all boards.


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