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Re: tftp hangs after 1037 blocks

Thanks for your reply. It hadn't occurred to me this might just as well be a
server problem, so thank you for pointing this out. Will try to find out
more soon.

slightly off-topic:
Using a stripped-down kernel, I have managed to remote boot my machine.
However, I can't login because of "Out of memory - killed process login".
Executing sulogin results in the same. When I boot init=/bin/sh, everything
works fine, except when I try to run 'login' or 'passwd <user>' - it results
again in the out of memory message. Can anyone tell me where is the right
place to ask such a question (I'm using shadow-4.0)?

> How about a different network card? What type if TFTP server do you use?
> Does the server print anything in the logs? You should also check the
> TFTP traffic using tcpdump or ethereal. Does the client send out a request
> for block 1038, but doesn't get a response from the server?
tftp server? uhm... don't know. Have just compiled the one from gnu
inetutils-1.4.2, and the result is the same.
About a different card: the only ones I have directly available are
Cabletron E21xx cards, for which I haven't created a succesful
bootrom(floppy) yet. Will try to get a 3com card for further testing.
The server logs only the request and filename:
Mar 14 23:45:56 neminis tftpd[2848]: in.tftpd[2847]: connect from
Mar 14 23:45:56 neminis tftpd[2848]: tftpd: trying to get file:
tcpdump might reveal more, though I haven't much experience with it.


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