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Re: tftp hangs after 1037 blocks


On Sat, 13 Mar 2004 18:27:41 +0100, Arno Schuring wrote:
> I'm trying to boot an old desktop into Linux using dhcp/tftp. I have created
> a bootdisk with netboot-0.9.8, but so far have not been able to boot via
> network with images over 510kb.
> The boot proces hangs at:
> --------
> Options: Blocksize 512
> Block 1037
> --------
> The client is an old HP vectra (486sx33, 12Mb ram and ne2100 o/b). When I
> use a smaller image (e.g. less than plm. 500k), the process does succeed,
> however the kernel isn't ideal then (misses /proc now, for example).

This is strange. I'm using a 2.8 MB image to boot up my internet router,
and it works without a problem... So it doesn't seem to be a general

> Do you have any suggestions as to where I should look for a solution? I
> haven't found anything in the archives. Can this have anything to do with a
> memory boundary (e.g. 640 kb)? I don't have another machine available to
> play with, so I can't test on another system.

How about a different network card? What type if TFTP server do you use?
Does the server print anything in the logs? You should also check the
TFTP traffic using tcpdump or ethereal. Does the client send out a request
for block 1038, but doesn't get a response from the server?


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