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Re: using PXE to boot netboot?


On Tue, 10 Feb 2004 04:02:05 +0100, Thomas Mørch wrote:
>  I have been away from the netbooting area for a couple of years now, and lot of things seem to have happened. Back then I used netboot on a self constructed flash card, with an old isa slot nic.
> Now I have a couple of pxe compliant computers, that I would like to boot, present a nice bootmenu (like netboots mknbi-mgl) and finaly either boot from the local harddisk, or a dos image from the network for restoring the machines using ghost.
> So the question is, if it's possible to use PXE to boot netboot on the machines? Or is there other packages that enables the same features to make a menu system (with mknbi-mgl) as netboot?

I'm changing mknbi-mgl presently to support getting booted by a commer-
cial PXE bootrom. Then, you can boot your MGL boot image using the boot-
rom, and use MGL to load the netboot boot images afterwards. However,
this is much more work than I initially expected, so I don't know when
this will be finished. In addition, I'm also currently rewriting the
netboot bootrom so that it can get compiled using GCC, and to integrate
it into a system BIOS as a replacement for the existing PXE bootrom -
besides some other things like DHCP, IGMP, multicast-TFTP etc. I've
planned to have all this finished already, but I still need to run a
whole bunch of tests before I can release the final version 0.10. There-
fore, I'm not going to give you any release date. If you like, you can
download the current working version from the public CVS tree (or ask me
to send you my own copy). mknbi-mgl should compile cleanly, and it pro-
duces boot images, but don't expect those to run right out of the box.
Any help is highly appreciated... if you like, please get in touch with


Gero Kuhlmann             Tollenbrink 18      Groote Gracht 33       30659 Hannover      26723 Emden                        04921/997561

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